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Sex Love Repeat - Alessandra Torre

Alessandra Torre is quickly becoming one of my go to writers & This is only the 2nd book I've read of hers. With that said, I loved this book. It's a quick book that I read in one sitting. This is a love triangle book but, it's not an angsty love triangle. It's a love triangle that you'll actually enjoy. Maddison is dating 2 guys, Stewart & Paul. They both know about one another, accept the situation, yet neither of the men have met one another. Both men love her & she loves them both. This love triangle works for them, until something happens and decisions need to be made.


This book is extremely well written. You'd think with 2 different story lines going on between 3 people, it'll be somewhat confusing. Especially with all the twists & turns along the way. Except It's anything but confusing. This book could have been a disaster & it wasn't. It was perfect! I highly recommend this book. I should probably at least mention how extremely sexy & HOT this book is.......OR you could read it and find out for yourselves! I promise you'll love it!