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Play Me #1: Play Me Wild (Sebastian Caine) - Tracy Wolff

Where this is a serial series, this 1st installment did exactly what it was supposed to do. It whetted your appetite for more.


We have Aria who's a cocktail waitress at a high end Vegas casino. We don't know to much about her except for a few things. One, she comes from money, but wants nothing to do with her father. That's why she's waitressing in Vegas. She doesn't want to run back home & ask for money. Secondly, she has a very sick sister. We don't know what she's sick with but, it's life threatening. Lastly, she's very well educated, has backbone & stands up for herself.


Then we have Sebastian Cain. The owner of the Atlantis Casino that Aria works at. He came home after 10 years away. He used to be the CFO of a big time charity but, when his father got sick he came home to take over the casino. Something he has no desire to do.

So, there was an incident in the casino that involved Aria. She hit one of the high rollers (whales) that was sexually harassing one of the customers. She ended up getting fired BUT, Sebastian hired her back because he saw the security video & saw how she came to that woman's rescue when no one else would. Which now brings us to....Sebastian now wanting Aria & vise versa. These 2 do have some fun verbal exchanges.


I'm not a huge serial series reader but, I loved all the other Tracy Wolff books I've read (also, I was pre approved for the whole serial series on netgalley so, no waiting, yay!). Instead of reviewing ALL the installments I might just review it as a whole when I finish the last installment. We'll see though.