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I consider myself to be a professional reader that can sometimes be a bit snarky. I'm a tattoo'd, yoga pants wearing, mom of 2 boys.

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Wow....this book was intense, not only in a hot & sexy way but, also in a "I'm a domineering alpha borderline asshole" way. I loved it & I couldn't put it down. I was waffling on how many stars to give it so I decided on 4. Why not 5 if I loved t so much, because there was one scene that I found utterly appalling & I didn't care for how the alpha anti-hero dealt with it. If you read this book I think you know what scene I'm talking about. I almost didn't want to finish reading that one scene. I found it hard to read through & I also had a hard time reading through the aftermath of that scene. Certain things about it didn't sit well with me. I don't want to dwell on that one part though. The rest of the book was great. I mean, I finished it in one sitting. Granted, I let my kids play Xbox for the better part of the day so I could finish it with little interruption. Lol