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Sigh.....this book was just plain awful. I had an extremely hard time wanting to finish this book but, I'm not a quitter so I trudged on and hate read it. There was a lot of eye rolling, as I read and I may have had a few outbursts of "are you f'ing kidding me" or even some gagging noises like a kid would make when they see their parents kissing or something. Here are some major reasons why I didn't like this book. The age difference. There was a 15 year age gap between the anti hero Jace, who was 38 & his stupid girlfriend Bethany who was barely 23. I'm also using the term girlfriend lightly. With this huge age gap, this all seemed very skeevie (& dare I say rapey). So Jace & Bethany met at Jaces sisters engagement party. Nope she wasn't a guest, she was one of the waitresses working the party. Jace notices her & OMG he has to have her and nothing is going to stop him from getting her (cue epic eye roll). Now, the thing about Jace is, he shares his women with his bestie Ash. They have a reputation of having threesomes except, of course Jace now doesn't want to have a threesome but, he goes along with it anyways. Ash goes up to Bethany (even though Jace told ash not to) and Bethany said she'd have a threesome with them as long as she got dinner. She prostituted herself for a burger & orange juice. Anyways, Jace, Ash & Bethany are doing their thing & Jace is getting all mad & territorial over her. That would be one of the other things that bothered me. All of a sudden you can't stand having threesomes with your bff when that's all you've ever done. So now because Jace didn't speak up he's going to be pissed at his friend when his friend doesn't even know why he's pissed. Speaking of these threesomes between Jace & Ash, I was expecting some awesome sexy times between these 2 with all the build up around it from the previous book. We get one surly threesome that was awkward. Not very hot at all. So they have their little awkward threesome & Bethany gets her burger & oj & come morning time she ducks out on them which pisses Jace the F off. So he spends the better part of 2 weeks looking for her because *gags* it was love at first sight and he'll be dammed if anyone else has her. When he does find her, he finds out that she's homeless. Now, it doesn't bother me so much that she's homeless. What bothered me washow Jace threw his money at her to give her a better life & didn't give her a choice about it. Jace is an alpha control freak that wants Bethany as his submissive inside & outside of the bedroom. She has to ask him permission for everything. When & what to eat, when to piss, here's a quote from the book that sums it rather nicely...

"But if having her own apartment gave her a semblance of power and at least the guise of having a choice, then he could deal. Because he knew she had neither power nor choice. She was his. Belonged to him. That didn't change because she had the appearance of independence." (Ps. Jace paid for her apartment). It didn't sit well with me how Jace just threw his money in Bethany's face & pretty much paid off everything for her. 

I feel like I've been word vomiting here so I'll just say, if Bethany was older & her circumstances were different than I think I would've liked the book more. Also, this book was a huge disservice for Jace because he was awesome in Rush. Knowing that Jace is an alpha control freak he would've been better suited for someone who was more his age & someone who's not a pushover naive girl. 

I will say this, this book was written well & most of the sex scenes were hot. This book also sucks you in like a train wreck. Ash's story is next & I'm hoping it's better than this one.