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I love when I'm reading a book and I find out the alpha male is in his 30's & the heroine isn't just a young piece of ass for him. Jackson Sullivan is a 35yo alpha male. He owns his own biker bar & dabbles in flipping real estate. The moment that Lauren walks into his bar she's like a beacon of light calling to him. Most likely because she sticks out like a sore thumb. She's blond and she scream southern beauty queen walking into the bar.

Lauren is a 27yo mural artist. She's had a bout of bad luck lately in the man department. That's how she ended up in a random biker bar. She got stood up by her boyfriend of 6 months because he decided he wanted to get back with his ex. It was also New Years Eve when she got stood up. She didn't want that to bring her down though. So when she meets Jackson at the bar, She's thrown for a loop. Jackson wants her & he will have her. Lauren is also trying to live by a dating list that her mother approves of. When she meets Jackson, that list is all but null & void.


This book moved along quickly & was a fast read. The author didn't dwell on the angst or issues that arose between Lauren & Jackson. Whatever issues occurred, it was dealt with & it wasn't the main pet of the book. There wasn't any insta-love & the relationship progression between Lauren & Jackson felt natural. I think as an older couple (not in their early 20's) that it works. Now, one thing about Jackson is that he's a hot, dirty sweet talker who rides a Harley. He sticks up & protects Lauren when she needs it. Lauren also sticks up for Jackson to her family when they're being douches to him.


There isn't a whole ton of substance or character development but, where this is a fairly quick book you don't need it. Plus, the hot sexy times makes up for it!