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Two words, Jackson Steele....*whoa fans self.* I have to say this book took me for a ride. There were some jaw dropping twists that I did not see coming. Say my Name is a Stark International book which means, it takes place in the Damien Stark universe. If you haven't read any of the Damien Stark books, then you need too. They're one of my all time favorite book series & book couples. Anyways, Sylvia Brooks is Damien Starks assistant & she's spearheading the development of an island resort. Except the architect who was supposed to design the resort has just up & quit. So now she needs a reputable architect that has experience. She refuses to let this project fall through so the only way to save her project is to go to Jackson Steele. He's the only architect that has a the skills & what it takes to get the job done. The only thing is that Sylvia & Jackson have a past. They haven't seen or spoken to one another in 5 years at her request & now she desperately needs him. She broke his heart and at the same time hers. Now she's asking for his help but, it's not without a price. 


There were times when I was debating how much I liked this book. As I was reading there were times when I thought 'ok, this is maybe a 3.5 star book so far' then BAM, here comes one of a few jaw dropping twists that just blindsides you & proceed's to keep you on edge. Not only is Jackson Steele this wicked hot, dominating, alpha male but, Sylvia is a strong woman who won't let her screwed up, tragic past define her. This book takes you on such a ride that at times left my head spinning. I love when a book can do that to you! I can't wait for the next book in this series & I'll be eagerly anticipating it.