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I couldn't get into this book for a multitude of reasons. First, the 'heroine' Olivia just got car jacked & now a day or 2 later she's screwing the guy who saved her. Maybe she's into some kind of hero complex since he saved her. Didn't work for me though. Second, the age difference between these 2 didn't work for me at all. She's 44 & he's 36. Now, it didn't work for because he's a Dom who owns a bdsm club & all of a sudden he turned this mature woman into his sub in a matter of minutes. It was like 'oh hey I'm a Dom & I'm going to control you now.' They didn't even have a conversation about it. She's a newbie so they should've talked about it. The way it played out felt very forced & like the roles should've been reversed. Now, if the guy was the same age or older I think I would've liked them better. The writing wasn't that great either.