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This book annoyed the ever loving crap out of me. Which sucks because I had high expectations for this book considering the author. I couldn't stand the 2 main characters Joss & Dash. I wanted to slap the both of them. Joss is a widow who lost her husband Carson 3 years ago. She hasn't been able to let him go or move on. She decided on the 3 year anniversary of his death that it's time to finally move on & be happy. Dash is Carson's best friend & business partner. Dash has been in love with Joss for years. Even while she was married to his best friend. Carson knew that Dash was in love with his wife (Joss) & was totally ok with it (according to Dash) & right before his death asked Dash to protect & take care of Joss. Can you see where this is going?! 


Anyways......here's why I was annoyed. The repetitiveness in this book. I felt like I kept reading the same thing over & over again but, at times just worded a little differently. The first time Joss & Dash finally have sex, not only is it boring & anti climatic, but, she brings up her dead husband. REALLY?!?! You're seriously going to have a conversation about your dead husband in the middle of getting it on. No wonder it was an awful sex scene. Also, the completely overuse of the word honey. I can now say I hate that word. This book has ruined the word honey for me. It was unnecessary for it to be used as much as it was. I think at one point I counted 5 times in one page & that page didn't even have a lot of dialogue on it. Dash is supposed to be this wicked alpha, hot, dominant male but, he just came off as a jerk & needy most of the time. Also, this is supposed to be a bdsm book but, it was very (and I stress very) light bdsm. Joss is supposed to be a submissive but, she was barely that. 


I I usually don't read reviews before I read a book because I don't want that review, good or bad to reflect how I feel about a book. I wish I read the reviews on this book. Also, I almost wish I didn't buy this series without reading the reviews. Now I feel obligated to read all the books. Hopefully the 2nd book is better.