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First, I'm a little sad that this series has come to an end. I've really loved every book in this series & have loved every character. With that said, this was the most perfect ending. The first book in this series (Claimed) was about Dmitri & Presley so it seems fitting that this last book is about them too. It's all very full circle. In Mine, Club Sin is compromised which in turn puts Dmitri & Presley's relationship at risk. When Dmitri finds out that it's someone from Presley's past that has done this, he'll do whatever it takes to protect not only Presley but, the members of his club. Even if he has to push her away & hurt her to do so.
In true Club Sin form, this was sexy, hot, swoony & sweet with a side of a little drama. I loved that we got all characters in this novella & that we got see where everyone ends up. The plot line was absolutely perfect, well thought out & well written. We were also introduced to some new characters that are going to be part of a new spinoff series (which I'm so excited to read about). Like I said, this ending was just completely perfect & I also highly recommend the Club Sin series.