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I'm on the fence how I feel about this book. J. Kenner is one of my favorite authors & I've loved all her books so far. This one though, I found kinda meh. It's the 2nd book in the Stark International Series. There were some things in this book that changed how I was feeling the more I read. Don't get me wrong, I still enjoyed the book & read it in one sitting & still like this series. So here's what bothered me...(Yes, I'm going to use bullet points, lol)


•I didn't like how Sylvia felt the need to be the one apologizing for every thing that went wrong when both parties were at fault. I felt like she was so scared at losing Jackson that she became a pushover in a way. She was to quick to forgive over major fuckups or omitted truths that were major. 

•I didn't like how sex was used to distract from their problems. 85% of the book was sex (I actually started to skip over the sex). 'Oh there's this major problem that we should talk about? Let's have light bdsmish type sex & forget we have problems & not really communicate.' 

•lastly, some of the major plot points were predictable. Granted, I didn't see that twist at the end coming but, I think I already know the outcome & who did it. 


Like I said, I do like this series & for the most part I did enjoy this book. There were some hot & sexy parts, I do like the characters & I like that Damien Stark makes a lot of appearances! The writing is also good & the story lines are great. I will be anticipating the next book to find out what happens!