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So, this book picks up where the cliffhanger in the 1st book ended. Now, I enjoyed the first book (it was a 4 star book for me) so I was really hoping to like this book. Well, I didn't. This book just didn't hit the mark for me. Here's what I didn't like. I found the heroine Grace to be extremely annoying. I also found her to be & act entitled when it came to being in a relationship with Jonathan. When it came to working for him & his company, she talked to his employees like she was better than them. Um, no bitch you're not. You've been with him for like a week you're not entitled to treat people that way. I also thought she treated Jonathan like a child. I just found her to be really annoying & contrived.
There was also SO much filler in this book. So much unnecessary dialogue & to much boring, lackluster sex. This is supposed to be a sexy book with an alpha male. There was neither sexiness or an alpha male. In fact, I skipped over the sex because it was so bad. I wanted Jonathan to take charge so many times & put Grace in her place but he cow-tailed to her. I can't even tell you what the main storyline was because there was a few different plot points but, none of them went anywhere.
I really wanted to get on board with this book but it just missed so many elements. Now, there is a 3rd book coming out in this series but the way this book ended, I don't think there needs to be another book. I may read it out of curiosity sake but, we'll see.