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Ugh......This series just really fell to the waist side after the first book (Say My Name). The 2nd book (On My Knees) was ok. Then this book just bombed. When On My Knees ended, it ended with Jackson getting arrested for a murder charge. Now, when that happened I knew that it wasn't Jackson. Now, I'm pretty sure every reader who's read this series knew it wasn't Jackson too. You knew who the real 'murderer' was with how things left off & events that led up to that point. Because of that, this book was complete filler. You're reading this book already knowing the outcome for every issue that arises. Not just Jackson's pending murder arrest/trial but, issues with Sylvia's resort & stuff with Jackson's kid. I figured everything out when the issue first arouse. It wasn't hard to figure out. I was hoping J. Kenner wouldn't go the obvious route but she did. It kinda feels like a cop out. Where's the fun in that?! With On My Knees, I was already borderline not liking Sylvia anymore. This book put the nail in the coffin for me. I couldn't stand her or the characters anymore (besides Damien & Nikki). Every issue that arouse between Jackson & Sylvia they never communicated about them.They had sex to ignore their problems & that got boring after the first few times.

It's disappointing that I didn't like this book because I had very high hopes for not only this book but, also this series. This is a go to author for me where I've loved pretty much every other book she's written. I'm looking at this as a bump in the road. This book won't sway me from reading any other books or series she writes.