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Wow! This book wasn't what I thought it was going to be about (Although, the dedication should've been a dead ringer, lol). You think it's going to go in one direction the way it started then BAM, it went into this dark, sexual, emotional place. As I kept on reading my feelings would be ALL over the place.


Ellie has had a crush on one of her bosses biggest clients Kayne. At a party her boss is throwing, Ellie makes it clear that she wants Kayne & the feeling is mutual. Kayne has wanted Ellie since he first laid eyes on her. Something happens at the party that involves Ellie & one of Kayne's associates & Kayne takes matters in his own hands. Ellie thinks she's about to go home & have a night of unadulterated hot sex with Kayne but, things go terribly wrong for her. She wakes up the next morning not remembering what happened, in the same clothes, when she realizes that she's not only in a cage but, she's been kidnapped. That's where this book gets intense & goes into some dark places.


As you read this book & see what Kayne does to Ellie you hate him but, at the same time you like him. You know there's more to meet the eye with him even though you just don't know what it is yet. He a redeemable anti-hero. There were also times where I really loved Ellie & times where I didn't really understand how she should start to feel something for Kayne after what he's done to her. Then I started to think, I can totally understand how she starts to trust him & feel things for him. The ending took me by surprise. I had a feeling something was going to happen but, not that! It was a good twist that's for sure.

This was a really well written & extremely thoughtfully written book. All the characters were amazing & had a role to play in & how everything happened & played out.


I loved this book. I didn't know what to expect so I went into it with no preconceived judgement. Not only was this an extremely hot & sexy book but, it was thought provoking & had a message. In a way it also brought to light something that's an issue but not talked about enough. I absolutely loved it & can't wait to read the next book!