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Claimed (Decadence after Dark Book 2) - M. Never

This book picks up a year after everything went down in Owned. Ellie is now in Hawii going to school trying to pick up the pieces in her life & trying to move on from what happened to her. She's trying but, it's not going so well. She always has Kayne in the back of her mind. She's grappling with emotions of hating him for what he put her through & missing him at the same time. Then out of the blue Jett shows up at her door with an offer for her. He hands her an envelope with a ticket to Bora Bora & a note with the word cupcake & if you've read Owned then you know what that word means to them. Jett basically told Ellie the ball was in her court if she ever wanted to see Kayne again. Even if it was just for closure. The next day Ellie was on that plane even though she had mixed emotions. 


Claimed is basically about Kayne & Ellie working on their issues. Even though Ellie has forgiven Kayne she still doesn't trust him. With good reason. Kayne will do whatever it takes to get Ellie to trust him again. Even if he has to kill to do it. Without giving to much away, something HUGE happens after Ellie & Kayne reconcile. In my opinion something even more drastic than her being kidnapped by Kayne. It is a reprocussion of everything that transpired in Owned. This book was hot & sexy & HOT! It was also exciting & emotional. 


I love Kayne & Ellie together & I love when Jett & London enter the mix. Even though this series is centered on Ellie & Kayne, we get a lot of Jett (swoons) & London. And when all four of them get together, be prepared to take a cold shower!!! SO HOT! The friendship that transpired between Jett & Ellie in Owned is even stronger now in Claimed. He's the only person she can turn to talk about what happened to her. He helps her talk through all her fears & emotions when it comes to Kayne. Jett's presence in this series is an important one. He was more than a secondary character. He brought humor in this series where there's so much darkness. This was a really well written book that was a perfect companion/sequel to Owned.