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Stepping Over the Line: A Stepbrother Novel (Shamed) - Laura Marie Altom

This book didn't really work for me. I think when it comes to stepbrother romance books, there's a fine line on how it's written. You either love this genre or you don't. For me, I'm not a huge fan & it can go either way. Now, I will say I liked the characters Garrett & Savannah as individuals. Together, not so much & here's why.
The way they grew up. They grew up like brother & sister. They called their respective step-parents mom & dad (or daddy). They were best friends as brother & sister. Their dynamic just wasn't there for me. I also wasn't to crazy about the plot. One of my pet peeves in books is a surprise pregnancy or child. Is that the new thing now with books? I wish those books came with a warning about that. Once I find out there's a surprise pregnancy or kid while I'm reading a book, that book looses ratings & I automatically start not liking that book. I have read books (very few & far between) where that does work for the story being told. It did not work here. When Savannah found out she was pregnant with Garret's baby (and then also told her 'fiancé' it was his) that's when I rolled my eyes & started skimming the book.
So, you're either going to love this book or not. As you can see it wasn't for me but, it could be for you.