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I loved how this book ended. I was hoping for a Wes & Mia centered book & I'm so glad that the last Volume of this series was that. I was on Team Wes since January, when she met him. This series was so not what I expected. It was so much better! It was a beautiful journey for Mia of not only self discovery but, also how she could love herself better, put herself first & to go after what she wanted. It was also a story of family & love. How family isn't always blood related but, what you make it. How having good friends in your life is important. I feel like I should also say this series was super hot & sexy! Like WICKED HOT & SEXY!!! I loved the sexy 'dirty' talk Wes would say to Mia while getting it on. Wes quickly turned into one of my favorite book boyfriends. Mia also is one of my favorite heroines now. She was unapologetic, strong & had a backbone. Mia & Wes together, an unstoppable force. They also helped one another get through some pretty traumatic events.
I flew through this series. Couldn't put it down. It was so well written & the storyline held your attention from the first word to the last.