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I have very mixed feelings on this book (I should say I loved the first book in this series). It's a very taboo book about 'adopted' siblings. The family dynamic can get confusing so, you need to read the first book to even remotely understand what's going on. I think I would've loved (instead of just sorta liked) this book if the author didn't feel the need to reinforce the fact that this is a taboo story. To give a little back story in a nutshell here's what's going on: and yes, I'm going to use bullet points, lol. 

• Dallas & Jane are adopted sibling. Jane's mother married Dallas's father. If I remember correctly Jane was a pre-teen when she became Dallas's 'adopted' sister. 

•Jane's biological father Colin is still in the picture but, he gave up his rights to Jane's mother & Eli, Jane's new father & Dallas's dad.

•Eli isn't Dallas's biological father but he raised him since he was a baby & legally adopted him. 

•Dallas & Jane were kidnapped when they were teenagers. Things happened when they were kidnapped. 

•Jane's biological father Colin is behind the kidnapping & there's a 'mystery' woman involved. I'm also pretty positive I know who the mystery woman is. It's pretty obvious who it is. 

Get it, ok good! 

Now, I love J. Kenner & she's a go to author of mine. I jst felt this book was rushed & sex was used as filler instead of more storyline. I also didn't like how Jane & Dallas called each other 'brother' & 'sister' but also lovers. As taboo as this book is, I actually really do like the characters. I just wish there was a little more substance with the plot & characters. 


On a totally separate note, is taboo the new fad in the romance genre? Having the characters being sorta related but not really?!