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I just can't anymore with this book. I gave it the good college try though. The heroine Carlie, there's just something about her that I can't stand. I don't know if it's because every other sentence out of her mouth is a reminder that she has celiac disease. She acts like it's a death sentence. Also, her demeanor is very off putting, I hate how she treats Tomas & she's a selfish friend.
Tomas, the "hero" had potential to be this larger than life alpha, billionaire, hot & sexy guy. I so wanted him to be. Alpha billionaire's are my go to's. So, I was very disappointed in him.
The story telling & writing were severely lacking. It felt like it was all cut & pasted together. It was just all over the place & at some parts I had to stop & reread a few parts over because it wouldn't make sense. Anyways I didn't like this story but, that doesn't mean someone else will.