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So, I LOVED this book but at the same time I have mixed feelings on it. It is a 'dark romance' but, I don't think it's that dark & I've read darker. Let me give you a little backstory on what intrigued me on this book since this is the first book I've read from this author. So, I saw on a book group on Facebook that Amazon banned this book due to sexual content. So of course I'm all 'that's a book I want to read.' Lol. Plus, I didn't like that Amazon was banning this book due to strong sexual content. I wanted to show some support for this author so I bought this book from another retailer, who was more than willing to take my money for this book. Besides, I do love a good dark romance & the book did sound like a book I would love when I read the synopsis. Now, onto my review...


Addison Drake is a pre-med student. She's an extreme introvert & doesn't make friends easily. she's looking to reinvent herself so, a Halloween party at a frat house with her roommate was the perfect place to start. While she's at this party she see's Luka, the TA from one of her classes & the guy she's been lusting over for 2 years. Little did she know, the feeling was very mutual but, neither one had acted on it till now. They end up playing a blackjack drinking game & then end up in one of the rooms at the frat house. They start making out & getting really into it. Addison is very on board with what's going on & when she tells Luka that she's a virgin, he just looses it & gets wicked turned on even more. He's extatic that's he's her first in a few things. So, they're getting all hot & heavy & Addison starts panicking a little bit because she doesn't want to have sex yet. Luka is so far gone though that he doesn't hear her say no at first. Then he comes up with a cheesy one liner to manipulate her. Like it doesn't count if he's not all the way in her. Addison stopped trying to fight him & knew she was being raped but, at the same time she was enjoying it. When everything is said & done, Addison tells Luka how he raped her & he brings her home. Except, she wakes up not at her dorm but in his bed at his house. Luka asks her is she remembers what happened & of course she does (which was surprising to Luka). That's when Luka tells Addison, you're staying here, I'm in charge & when you can accept all this & be totally submissive to me that's when you'll get your freedom. 


Luka & Addison didn't have the greatest of starts. In fact lines were blurred & crossed. A lot of things happen while Addison is at Lukas house with his family. What he puts Addsion through at times was for her on protection against his mob father. He protected her the only way her knew how & the only way that would keep his family away from her. Addsion did learn to love him. She even learned to love him on her own terms when he let her go. This book was good. It was semi darkish, VERY VERY HOTTTT, sexy, emotional & thrilling. It was fast paced & you got attached to these characters. You're rooting for them. You don't want to like Luka but, when you realize his intentions were in the right place you love him. He's the alpha, dominant, anti hero that you love. 


My only complaint, I wanted more story. More of Luka's background. He's so intriguing & his family is intriguing, I wanted more. I wanted more of his family dynamic. There's so much that left you questioning Luka, his brother, father & uncle. It was briefly touched upon but I wanted more. This book wasn't as dark as I was expecting but, I still enjoyed it!