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I love this series but, this book didn't quite do it for me. This is Max & Joan's book. We met them both in the first 2 books. Joan is a stripper at a hardcore, rough strip club that's run buy a biker gang. Max is Dylan's brother who's the leader of said biker gang even though he wants out. So, Joan used to be part of a commune run by the sadistic monster Lagan. He happens to have Joan's sister as one of his sister wives. Joan wants to get her sister back but, when she left the commune, Lagan moved it so she couldn't ever find it. Because she can't find the commune she goes back to the strip club to fuck shit up knowing that Lagan is there. She sets off a few bombs & Max gets shot in the process by a fellow biker member. Joan kidnaps Max & takes him to her Aunts over 50 condo complex to recoup. While there Joan tried to get Max's help because she knows that's the only way she can help her sister. Max has 'business' dealings with Lagan so Joan is banking on Lagan contacting Max.


I couldn't connect with the characters & I didn't really love Joan. I hate to say but, I liked her better as a secondary character in the other books. I couldn't really grasp her thought process of making decisions. Her personality was also a bit to hard for me. Yet, I kinda get why she is the way she is. There's this one scene that involved Max, Joan & another woman (that Joan picked up out of the blue) that was unnecessary. HOT but completely unnecessary. It didn't add anything of substance to the story being told. I did love Max. How could you not?! He's a total bad boy badass that has tattoos, talks dirty, likes it dirty & rough but, is also sweet when he needs to be.


In complete honesty, there were times in this book that I was bored. I would just skim a little here & there. It wasn't until about the 75% mark that it really started to get good. I thought it could've been a little darker, more story on Lagan & his commune that held Jennifer (Joan's sister). I loved the epilogue & thought it left an opening for more books in this series. I'm really hoping for Blake's book next!