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It kills me to say this but, I was really disappointed in this book. I've loved this series so far & I've even come to terms with the lack of sexy times because the story telling has been good. This book though I got bored with & couldn't wait to be finished with it just to be done. I couldn't get on board with the characters. I didn't like Rebecca or her personality. I thought she was a one dimensional character. Julien is supposed to be this badass, alpha, warrior vampire. I didn't find him to be. He had SO SO SO much potential to badass & sexy yet, he wasn't. I first fell in love with this series because I thought it was such a unique & different take on pnr & vampires. Those reasons felt lost in this installment. I also feel like this series needs more sex appeal. These are badass, (supposedly) sexy, dominant, alpha vampires. I want to see more of the sex, more of the dominance & more conflict between the Dark Ones & Light Ones. This is now starting to come off as a YA book series.