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Sweetest Taboo (Stark International) - J. Kenner

I'm shelving this book for now. Maybe one day I'll go back to finish it but, right now I'm really struggling with not wanting to finish it. Especially since I've put it aside for a few days & I have no desire to want to return to it. It may be too taboo for me. I'm having a wicked hard time getting past how Dallas calls his adoptive sister 'sister' when talking to her or about her to others, even though their in love with each other. I also don't like how Jane calls Dallas her brother (even though they're not blood related but, they grew up as adoptive siblings so they're siblings). I also can't stand how Jane calls her adoptive father daddy (I still consider him her dad because he raised her & her sperm donor of a father is a real asshole) when talking to him & about him to Dallas. J. Kenner has been one of my go to favorite authors. Her Stark trilogy is one of my favorite book series. Lately though, with her last few series I haven't been able to get through them or just barely got through them.