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As someone who suffers from severe anxiety, I've never felt more in tune with a heroine. I felt every single emotion she was feeling & I could relate to some of her fears. I couldn't put this book down I was so engrossed in it.
Katherine suffers from paralyzing anxiety & PTSD over some traumatic trauma that happened in her past. She decides though that she can handle going to her sisters engagement party at a popular night club. Even though she never leaves the confines of her apartment. She ends up having a really bad panic attack & blacks out while there. The owner Nico thinks she's just another junkie & wants her out of his club. Except where she's passed out, Nico drives her home.
Katherine doesn't like the fact that Nico thinks she's a junkie. She works up the courage to go back to his club during the day to explain to him that she suffers from anxiety & PTSD. Nick is jaded though & doesn't really believe her due to things that's happened to him in the past. Once she leaves his office he researches what PTSD is & sees that it has similar side effects as a drug user. So he takes what she says at face value & starts a friendship with her. A friendship that'll eventually lead to more & also lead to healing for the both of them.
This was a book I didn't know I needed to read. I felt like to a certain extent I could be Katherine. This was so thoughtfully & mindfully written. It was also a very sexy book. Nico is a total alpha male & he's so very swoony! Even though Katherine suffers from severe anxiety, it doesn't make her weak. She's so strong & courageous. With the help of Nico she learns to face her fears. This book is so good & is a must read.