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I had a really hard time with this book. When a book takes place right where I live I have extremely high expectations. I always love reading a book when it takes place in Boston or one of the surrounding towns. Now, if you're not from Boston & you're not familiar with the surrounding towns, the landmarks or even how the towns communities are, then you won't have an issue with what I have issues with. If you're from Boston or one of the towns right outside (especially south of Boston), you may have issues like I did.

Issue 1: the author mentioned that Ewan, the books 'hero' was raised in Ballagh (we'll talk about that town in a bit) since age 9, which is a town right next to Boston. The author mentioned that Ewan talks with an Irish brogue accent. Shouldn't he have a Boston accent if that's where he grew up?

Issue 2: The name of the town. That's what really irked me throughout this whole book. The town Ballagh was a spitting image of another town named Quincy. The author used the proper names of other surrounding towns & landmarks. Why did she change the name of the town this book takes place in? I actually googled the name of the town & it is a real town...in Ireland. Ballagh is a predominantly Irish community & Ewan runs an Irish pub there. The real town Ballagh is copied after is also a predominantly Irish community town with lots of Irish pubs (I've been to a few of them). I just don't understand why the author kept everything else the same but changed the name of the town.

Issue3: I wasn't a huge fan of the characters. I thought they were one dimensional & flat. Ewan used to be an enforcer for some mob family but, he's not alpha at all. There was really nothing to him. Same with Quinn the 'heroine.' I found her to be slightly boring. There wasn't really anything to her. Yeah she had a huge family tragedy but, that was almost glossed over.

This book had so much potential to be wicked awesome. Especially Ewan. He could've been this big, bad, alpha dominant male but sadly, he was just sad. I skimmed a lot of this book & skimmed over the sex. Why? Because it wasn't hot or sexy. Like I said this book was a struggle to get through. The storyline was boring as was the characters.