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Tapping the Billionaire (Bad Boy Billionaires Book 1) - Max Monroe

I keep going back & forth on how I feel about this book. I liked it & really enjoyed reading it but, it didn't grab me & consume me like I hoped it would. I did at time find it really funny where I actually laughed out loud. I also really liked the characters. I loved Kline & Georgia. I loved them together & really loved their banter. I thought that Georgia could really hold her own. She wasn't the shy virginal, self doubting, doesn't think she's good enough for the hot billionaire type of woman. She was opinionated, spoke her mind, smart, was a sexually experienced virgin & is loyal to her friends & family. Kline also isn't your typical billionaire. He's not an alpha dominating guy who flaunts his wealth. He's sweet (almost too sweet for my liking), humble & like Georgia he's loyal to his friends & family. I also loved all of the secondary characters (especially Georgia's friend Cassie). I was starting to get a little bored with the book towards the end. I just couldn't understand why Georgia got SO mad at Kline. To the point of breaking up with him. I felt it was hypocritical of her & Kline just sorta pussied out on her about the whole situation. I was hoping he would've at least reached out to her for the 2 weeks they were broken up. I'm thankful their tiff only lasted a few chapters. That did not ruin the book for me though. I still enjoyed these 2 & the story. It was a really sweet, contemporary book. The writing was great & witty. I'm actually looking forward to reading Cassie & Thatch's book. Although, if you're looking for a dirty (in all the right ways) alpha male book, this is not it.