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After reading and not liking the first book in this series (Tuckers Fall) saying I was skeptical & hesitant with Levi's Ultimatum would be an understatement. It actually took me a few weeks to open this book up after downloading it. With that being said, this book was so much better than the 1st book. I really liked the characters Levi & Catori and there was more of a storyline in this book than in the first book (although at times I wish there was more plot than sex). Speaking of storyline, this series has a rather interesting one. A storyline that's so out there that you'll be thinking 'what in the actual fuck'. All I'll say about the storyline is that it involves 2 brothers & 1 sister that are all fathered by the same religious psycho father, but all have different mothers. There are lots of secrets that are being hidden within this family & there's a lot of effort trying to keep these secrets hidden away. As we know though, secrets have a way of coming out & Levi's secrets (and his family's past) are slowly coming to light. 

Levi is a wicked sexy Master Dom. He's also very complex, tattoo'd, a war vet, & for the most part just doesn't give a flying fuck. He's also the outcast of his family. He's been away from his family and hometown for a very long time & he's ready to go back home. With his return home he knows that he wont be getting the greatest welcome back from his family. Upon his return he meets Tori (Catori) and her daughter Hannah. Levi is immediately intrigued by this little girl and curious about her mother. Once Levi see's Tori he's instantaneously attracted to her. 

Tori is a single mother to a 5 year old girl named Hannah. She's a budding pie maker just trying to provide for her daughter. She meets Levi and knows that there's a spark there. It wasn't until he spotter her at the Purgatory Club flogging a guy that she wasn't a true Dominatrix (even though she's 1 of the best in the club). Levi, being a master Dom figured out pretty quickly that Tori is a natural submissive & that she's hiding behind the charade of being a Domme. Tori has her own big secret that she doesn't want out in the open either. She's afraid of getting to close to Levi & him finding out. So she wont fully submit to him yet even though she wants to.

Like I mentioned, Levi's Ultimatum was so much better than Tuckers Fall (in my opinion). This book made me want to submit to Levi ;) Here's a little taste to whet your appetite for Levi...

"When you and I fuck, and make no mistake we will, it won't be some random sex. You'll have chosen me as someone you honestly want to submit to with both your body and mind."...He withdrew his fingers and brought his hand to his mouth. "I should make you suck my fingers clean, but why deny myself the taste I'm dying for?"

I will admit there were times where this story lost me and I rolled my eyes as some parts. I also thought the author put some things in for shock value which didn't work for me (you can read which parts in my comments). Other than that though, this book kept my attention and I didn't let those very minor things bother me. Plus, I found Levi to be hot as fuck! 

I'm really hoping that Mason's book is next because I really want to read about him. I've liked Mason since the 1st book of the series so I'm anticipating his book. 

*thanks to netgalley for the arc*