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Claim Me - J. Kenner

OMG, this story and the feels that I have! Have you ever loved a book (or book series) so much that you're at a complete loss of words? Well, that's what Claim Me (and the Stark series) does for me. I'm so emotionally invested in these characters and this book/series. I actually haven't been able to stop thinking about this book since I finished it a few days ago. You know it's a good book when it invades you mind like that for days. 

Claim Me pick up where Release Me left off (so if you haven't read Release Me yet, you need to). This book has more passion and is more about trust, finding pleasure in pain, and dealing with one another's past. Although, in this book Nikki does worry a little that Damien doesn't need her as much as she needs him. We also find out what Damien's big secret is. If you want to find out what it is you'll just have to read it! 

Nikki and Damien have such amazingly hot, chemistry that just comes naturally to them. It doesn't come off or read forced (like some other books) and what I really love about these 2 is that they don't use sex as a tool to either 'get back' at one another or as a way to distract one another from the issues that they are dealing with. In fact, they actually use sex to help deal with the issues and to help overcome their issues. Physically and emotionally.

We also see how amazingly strong Nikki is. She doesn't let one of her best friends bad opinions of Damien sway or cloud her judgement on him. She keeps incredibly loyal to him because she knows who the real Damien is. Even after what he tells her! 

This book/series owns me. It is SO MUCH BETTER than Fifty Shades of Grey. J. Kenner really did an amazing job setting this book apart. Her writing is so thoughtful and beautifully done. Everyone NEEDS to read not only this book, but the series. It deserves to be just as popular if not more than FSoG.