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Unscrupulous (The Manhattanites, #2) - Avery Aster

This book, This book, This book! What's not to love about this book! Unscrupulous was funny, witty, sexy, and HOT as Hell. Not only were the main characters Taddy & Warner freaking amazing but, the secondary characters were pretty awesome too. They actually added substance to the story instead of acting as filler for the plot. Not only are Taddy & Warner likable, but every character in this book is likable. 

Taddy is the owner of a very lucrative PR Firm. She's a self made multi-millionaire despite being born into a very wealthy, high profile family. She's also a strong, motivated, witty, badass, who goes after what she wants. Another thing about Taddy, is that she is extremely sexual and she doesn't apologize for it. She owns who she is and she's proud of who she is. Although because of her childhood she is closed off and has walls up. She's afraid to love & to be loved and won't get emotionally close to anyone. That all changes when she meets the multi-billionaire, hotel mogul, sexy, alpha man that is Warner Turner. 

Taddy & Warner first meet while she's on vacation with her 2 best friends. They actually meet inside a champagne bar & Taddy mistakes him for someone else. Regardless of the mistaken identity Taddy & Warner hit things off & heat things up just by picking out what kind of champagne to drink. They leave the bar to go back to his house to finish what was started at the bar. Once they get there though things go south thanks to a psycho ex of his. So Taddy leaves without letting him explain. Fast Forward a few months and Taddy has to go to Cannes to bail out her assistant who lands herself in a bit of trouble (Her virgin Mormon assistant & it's kinda funny what happens). Who else is at the police station but the one and only Warner Turner himself. Taddy ends up making a deal with him so that he'll drop the charges against her assistant. Ladies (& Gentleman) that's when things HEAT UP! I'm talking about melting your G-Strings off while taking your vajazzled gems with them. (you'll have to read the book to get that!) 

Here are some of my favorite steamy quotes.....You may want a towel ;)

"Tsk, tsk, Red." Warner pulled his dick out and massaged her breasts. "You're still too tense." 
Opening her mouth, she begged for him. 
Big Daddy glided his velvety shaft over her tongue, nearly touching her tonsils. Tears fell down her cheeks as he found his way down her throat.
Again, he pulled out and lowered his face to meet hers. "Baby, loosen up your jaw." He tapped her right cheek with his palm. "Enjoy it."

He fisted her hair into a ponytail and instructed, "Open, Red. I want the tip of your tongue to touch my balls when you go down on me."

"You wanna come again, Red?" Warner smiled, pumping harder. "You didn't ask last time. You just covered my dick in your cum."

Not everything is clench your thighs, hot sexy times. There's also some really sweet moments between Warner & Taddy too. This book is so well written and just fun to read. I'm looking forward to reading more books in The Manhattanites series! 

*thanks to netgalley & Elloras Cave*