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I thought this book was ok. I did have a hard time getting into it and it never really grabbed my attention while reading. I wasn't really into the main characters. I actually found them a little boring. In fact, I liked the secondary characters a lot more and can't wait to read their books. 

Kane 'Viper' Tepes is the president of his MC the Sons of Sangue and his twin brother Kaleb 'Hawk' is the VP. Oh, and they're vampires that are descendants of Vlad. They're the protectors of the small town that they reside in & have an agreement with the Sheriffs Office to help keep the peace in the town. 

Cara Brahnam is a detective and recently returned to town after 10 years of being/running away. She knows that vampires exist after seeing Kane in the local club fucking & drinking from a blood donor in the bathroom. That freaked her out so she high tailed it out of town. Cara is investigating the murders of 2 women that have been drained of all their blood. The evidence points to Kane & his motorcycle club. Which means that she'll being seeing a lot of him. Kane remembers Cara from when she walked in on him 10 years ago & has had a hard-on for her since. When Cara becomes the next target, Kane takes Cara into his protection since he knows who the killer is. A primordial vampire who happens to be working on orders from Kane's (ex)mate Rosealee. 

The story was a bit repetitive at times and really slow going. Also in my opinion, if you're going to write a vampire book you may want to refrain from using the same names from another popular vampire series *coughs Twilight coughs*. Not only the same name but, also the same characteristics of said name of bitchy vampire who's out to get revenge. With that said, there were some things I liked, for example, there were a few hot & sexy scenes between Kane & Cara. Also, I LOVED Kaleb! I can't wait to read his book! I want to know more about him & Suzi. 

*thanks to netgalley & eXcessica publishing for the arc*