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So, this book was awful! THere were so many contradictions & inconsistencies throughout the whole book that it took away from the story. There were more things that I disliked about this book than I liked. In fact the only thing I liked about this book was the last 2 paragraphs of the last chapter. I really struggled with even wanting to finish The SIlver Chain. The author is British so there was A LOT of British slang, phrases, and sayings that I didn't get or understand. I wasn't really into the writing style of the book either. By the time I was 2% into the book I was already over the inner dialogue of the heroine Serena and highly embarrassed by the way she conducted herself. I stayed embarrassed for her for most of the book. Speaking of the heroine Serena, I couldn't like her if you paid me. I found her to be childish, awkward (in an embarrassing way) annoying, wicked creepy at times, extremely non sympathetic, and unappealingly selfish. I mean, she watched her ex boyfriend having sex through his bedroom window & took pictures. WHAT!? 

Now, let's talk about the 'hero' Gustav Levi. I wasn't a big fan of him either. I didn't find him attractive or sexy. I viewed him as a predator and thought he was demeaning. He liked to tug Serena around on this really thin, barely visible, silver chain that also happens to be 'super strong'. I'm all for the dominating, control freak, bdsm, strong male hero in a book but, Gustav was not that at all. He was just controlling & not dominating. I felt like he viewed Serena almost as a sex slave. In fact the 1st time they had sex I felt like he was raping her & I was disgusted by that. He also chained Serena up to a wall in his house while he went out. But, the friggin chain was long enough for her to walk around his enormous house?. I also viewed Gustav as Serena's pimp. He would only help her with her career if she would submit to him and do sexual acts to him. He would also hold that against her so she would do what he wanted her to do. I didn't like that.