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The Dark Garden - Eden Bradley

The Dark Garden has to be one of the worst books I've ever read. The description says that it's similar to 50 Shades which it's not. Unless you count that both books have Dom's named Christian. There was no plot in this book and it was wicked boring. I would skip pages and skim over paragraphs because I couldn't wait for this book to end. I found that I like the secondary storyline about April & Decker better. They're the only reason i gave this book 1 star. I couldn't stand Rowan and Christian & I had no connection to them. I thought Christian was a pansy and I hated that the author gave him long hair that he would 'smooth out'. Ugh, and Rowan was a self pitying 'I had a bad boyfriend in the past' whiner. 
I know this book was written before 50 and was most likely re-released because of the 50 phenomenon.They need to stop saying its like 50 though because at least 50 had a plot and likable characters.