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This felt like the never ending book that was just so slow & boring when it came to the actual storyline. And what the actual fuck was that ending about? I didn't like that "twist". It was way to weird for me.

I liked the heroine Dustine 'Dusty' and I even liked the hero Shane & all the secondary characters. Except for Dusty's parents. Her stepmom was a first class bitch & her dad was a spineless pussy. I don't think you were supposed to like them though. 

Dusty's twin brother Nick was killed & Dusty knows there's something not adding up with how he was killed. She knows that Shane, Nicks best friend knows something about how Nick was killed and she's determined to figure it out. While she's trying to add up what happened to her brother Dusty learns some things about her family (mainly her dad), secrets that her brother was keeping, & she learns things about Shane along the way. She also comes to accept that she's fallen in love with Shane & learns that he's loved her since they first met as kids. 

I was into the story for the first 25% but then, everything just went really downhill from there for me. There's 3 parts to this story & IMO part 1 is the only part worth reading. It was emotional & I really felt for Dusty and what she was going through. Everything after that moved along slowly & I kept thinking 'ok, this has to end soon right?!' The chemistry between Shane & Dusty felt forced & was just meh. I didn't find him to be hot or swoony, he was just ok. I will say that Dusty grew a backbone & more confidence throughout the book. She started to do things for herself & grew as an individual. Also, don't go into this book thinking it's an epic romance type of book. It's a murder mystery book. The romance is nil. There is a 'sex' scene but, it's extremely glossed over. 

Even though I didn't love this book, I can say that it was well written. 

*thanks to netgalley for the arc*