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True - Erin McCarthy

I loved, loved, loved this book! I found the heroine Rory refreshing. She's a 20 year old college student who's studying premed so she can become a coroner. She bases everything on logic because that's what makes sense to her. She tells you how it is, is loyal and honest and won't lead anyone on. Oh yeah, she's a virgin too. But, everything changes when she meets Tyler Mann...*bring on the swoons* 

Tyler Mann seems like your typical bad boy with the tattoos and bad family life. There's so much more to him though. Not only is he WICKED HOT, He's extremely compassionate. He takes care of his brothers (one who has downs) because his mother is a drug addict. He even takes care of his mother when she's being mean to her kids. He's protective of Rory and thinks that she can do better b/c he thinks of himself as a loser. 

Rory & Tyler have such good chemistry. They're romance is relatable & realistic where it didn't happen right away. They got to know each other first. They showed each other sides of themselves that even their best friends didn't see. The real sides of them. 

I was so emotionally attached to Rory & Tyler but also everyone else in this book. I loved Rory's friends Jessica & Kylie as well as Tyler's friend Nathan and his older brother Riley (who I think has real potential to be wicked hot!) and his younger brothers Jayden (aka U) & Easton. My only small gripe was the author abruptly ended the book. I would have liked an epilogue or maybe even 1 more chapter to see further into Rory & Tyler's future. Maybe in the next book! Speaking of the next book...I can't wait for Jessica's book!!!! The chapter I read whetted my appetite fore more!!! If you're fans of New Adult books then you'll love True! 

*thanks to netgalley for the arc*