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A Moment isn't your typical lovey dovey romantic love story. This book is filled with angst and so much raw and real emotions. One minute your heart is breaking while the next it's being filled with joy. I really fell in love with the characters and I was so attached to them that at times I felt like I was going through what they were going through. A Moment is a beautiful book that will completely consume you that you'll be thinking about it for days to come. 

Liliana Delgado is a strong, selfless, woman who at the age of 14 got pregnant and had to grow up real fast. Not only is she raising her son Javier who happens to be autistc but, she's also taking care of her mother who is very sick. Lili who is now 21 is also doing all that while finishing up college and working. One day while she's at school she goes to her favorite coffee shop for a quick caffeine fix. While she's getting her coffee her friend Alex (who also works there) asks her to join him and his cousin Ryan to go out that night. Knowing that her mother wants her to be more carefree Lili accepts.

Ryan Cosgrove is a very angry and troubled man. His parents make it no secret that they don't love him or want him around. Something terrible has happened to Ryan that has him running off and joining the Marines at the age of 18. Fast forward 7 years later he returns home and moves in with his cousin Alex. Whatever awful thing happened all those years ago is still haunting Ryan. His only way of dealing with it is by going out on Valentines Day and getting completely drunk. This year though unbeknownst to him Lili will be joining them! 

When Ryan and Lili meet there's a connection there for her and later on that night there will be for Ryan too. Lili literally saves Ryan's life that one fateful night. I wish I could say the road these 2 go down is easy, carefree, and not full of so much heartache because that's what you want for them. It's not though. They have to fight for the love they have for each other through all their obstacles. She helps him fight his demons while he helps her with her autistic son and helps her to just live. 

Watching Ryan with Javi is heartwarmingly beautiful. He accepts him no matter what and Javi in a way comes to rely on Ryan. Seeing that relationship unfold was so beautiful. The author really did an amazing job writing that. 

I have to mention Alex briefly. I loved him! I thought he was funny and loyal. He also really cared about Ryan and just wanted him to be happy. Even if that meant he was with Lili. Alex also has a soft spot for Lili and protected her and looked out for her. I'm looking forward to reading his story! 

*thanks to netgalley and Marie Hall Publishing for the arc*