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entertainment purposes but, as you get into it there's actually a good story there. The cover is what got me to read this. Just look at that cover....Wicked Hot, right...I really enjoyed reading this book and it kept my interest that I'll read the next book in the series!

So, we have our heroine Amy who lives an extremely sheltered life in a small town. She's a 21 year old never been kissed virgin who also dresses very conservatively. She doesn't have the greatest family life with a controlling mother and an equally controlling father who beats her. He also happens to be the towns minister. Amy's family is extremely religious and extremely hypocritical. Amy is just waiting for the perfect opportunity to escape her suppressed life. In the meantime she uses her 'romance' books and book boyfriends as a way to escape. 

Every year Amy's little town has a motorcycle festival. Amy goes into town with her mother to meet up with some family and thats when she meets Austin Sparks. The hot, tattoo'd, pierced, bad boy, biker, who's in a motorcycle gang. Of course they are drawn to one another when they lock eyes. When Austin asks Amy to meet up with him later, Amy see's that as the perfect opportunity to ask him for help. Is Amy able to get away from her controlling parents to meet up with Austin? 

There is some very hot chemistry between Austin & Amy and some very hot sexy times between these two. With Amy's upbringing in a religious, controlling house you would think that she would be quiet, timid, and maybe even fearful. But, once she broke free from under parents thumb, she stuck up for herself and proved herself to the 'gang'. 

I liked the alternating point of views. I liked reading what was happening through both Amy & Austin's perspective. I liked that it wasn't so one sided and that we got to see everything that was going on as a whole. So, if you're looking for a really quick read with a hot bad boy than you may like this book.