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Run to You - Charlotte Stein

Oh. My. Gosh...Where do I begin! Charlotte Stein has done it again folks. She has written another amazing, deliciously hot, sensual, provoking, & sweet book. There are a few things I'm absolutely sure of when it comes to reading a Charlotte Stein book, 1) It's going to be an extremely well written book. Charlotte Stein has a way with words that just draws you in from beginning to end. 2) You're going to get a really well planned out, thoughtfully written story with extraordinary hero's & heroine's. Her hero's & heroine's are some of the best I've ever read. Especially in Run To You. & 3) You're going to get a wicked smutastic book without it being cheesy or awkward. You're not just going to read about 2 people having sex. She takes you on this amazing journey with these 2 people and you can't help but get sucked into their lives and how they deal with their issues. 

loved Run To You. I don't have words that are adequate enough to describe how amazing this book really is. The book starts off with Alissa not really accepting that her friend has moved away. So Alissa searches her apartment for some sort of clue to indicate otherwise. What she does find is her friends diary/appointment book. She notices the word 'Assignation' written a few times in bold red lettering. That piques Alissa's curiosity so she pretends to be her friend & shows up to her appointment which also happens to be at a hotel. She ends up going to the hotel room to see what this 'Assignation' is about but, when she see's the bed she freaks out and hides in the closet. While hiding in the closet a mystery man comes in the room but then leaves shortly after. Alissa notices that the man has left his business card with a note and the words 'call me' on it. 

Janos Kovacs is a wealthy Hungarian businessman that is intrigued by Alissa. He's so intrigued that he starts to talk to her over the phone and they work up this somewhat relationship. They play this back and forth game over the phone for awhile & Janos gets Alissa to say what she's really thinking and wanting. When they do finally meet, Alissa is nervous & excited. She's nervous because she thinks that he's going to do all sorts of devious acts on her & when he explained to her that he wasn't there to do "perverted acts" on her she was somewhat relieved. 

As their relationship grows throughout the book & they get to know each other better, they start to gain feelings for one another. With those feelings come insecurities & issues that they both need to deal with and overcome. 

I loved Janos & Alissa together. Holy Moly, these 2 know how to fuck good and at times hard! Janos says some wicked sexy, hot things to Alissa that'll make your panties melt but, he also says some really sweet things that'll make your heart melt. Alissa has quite the mouth on her too. Even though these 2 have lots & lots of sexy times it doesn't' take away from the incredible story or their relationship. I know that sometimes in books that the sex can become to much but, that is so not the case in Run To You. Charlotte Stein did a fabulous job balancing out story & sex which can be a hard thing to do. There's a reason why she's one of my go to authors.