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Release Me: A Novel by Kenner, J. (unknown Edition) [Paperback(2013)] - J. Kenner

You know how there are books that you love, books that you really love that you'll even re-read them a few times, and then there are books that you love to the point that you want to shout from the rooftops, tell every person that passes by you, and that you have to own multiple copies of. Release Me (Stark Trilogy series #1) is that book! This book was so amazing and I loved it so much I can't even find the word to do it justice. 

I know that this book is being compared to Fifty Shades of Grey and I love me some Fifty (I even loved it when it was a *gasp* Twilight fanfic) but, this book is so much better. Not only was it written better but, the characters are so much better too. The author really put so much thoughtfulness is how she wrote not only her characters but also the storyline.

Nikki Fairchild just moved to LA by way of Texas. She is a strong, smart, refreshing, woman. She's not afraid to say no or stand up for herself. She's also not afraid to be honest with not only herself, but also with the people around her. Nikki is also a cutter and has some demons she's dealing with. I love Nikki. l can really relate to her. I can understood her need and the why's on why she cut herself. I sometimes felt like she was me. Even though Nikki hasn't said the big 'I love you' to Damien, you can tell that she does and she does without question and with loyalty. She also never questions why Damien wants her (like other book heroine's).

Speaking of the amazingly, sexy, hot, Damien Stark...*fans self while clenching thighs*...When you meet Damien Stark you'll be saying Christian who? Damien is a retired tennis pro turned science/technology billionaire. He's extremely tender and loving with Nikki. He makes her feel beautiful regardless of her physical scars. Damien has his own issues that he's dealing with. We dont' know the extent of those issues though. He also feels that Nikki is his kindred spirit when he first met her at 18 while judging a beauty pageant she was in. 

This book was absolutely amazing, emotional, and smuttastic. This is on my favorites list and will most likely be my favorite book of the year. Everyone needs to read it!