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Rules of Entanglement  - Gina L. Maxwell

I keep going back and forth on how I feel about this book. One minute I loved it and the next I found it predictable and lackluster. 

Rules of Entanglement is the 2nd book in the Fighting for Love series. In this book we have Vanessa MacGregor the 'take no shit' DA who also follows a strict set of 7 rules that she lives by when it comes to men. Then we have Jackson Maris the hot, HOT MMA fighter who's also a surfer. They're in Hawaii to help out with Reed & Lucie's wedding (remember from Seducing Cinderella! The 1st book in the series) So, Jackson concocts a plan to get to know Vanessa better because he's so enamored by her and by her attitude. 

I won't lie...this book has some pretty hot, thigh clenching sex! Like, wicked hot sex so you'll be fantasizing about Jackson Maris! I did after awhile thought that the sex was getting repetitive and was more filler than anything else. I'm really at odds with this book & wanted to really love it flail about it like Seducing Cinderella but, I can't. 

I'm just so meh about this book that I really don't know what to say so, you can take that however way you want.