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Night Walker (Night Series, #1) - Lisa Kessler

I loved this book and couldn't put it down. I was invested in the main characters Kate & Calisto and their story. This was a fast paced book that had you anticipating what was coming next. This was such a unique, original story and was really well written.

Kate Bradley is a strong, independent, humble woman who's very guarded. Especially when it comes to love. After catching her cheating fiancée with another woman she leaves her life behind in Reno and moves back to her parents estate in San Diego. While she's sorting her life out she meets Calisto Terana and feels an instant attraction & deja vu with him. 

Calisto is a very hot and sexy philanthropist who has loved Kate his whole existence. Calisto though isn't just a man, he's a Night Walker and he'll do whatever it takes to keep Kate safe. 

Night Walker is new twist on vampires. The author did a great job putting her twist on it and making it her own. I loved the history behind the Night Walker and how Calisto became one. I also loved the flashbacks, it was like reading another book within a book. 

If you love paranormal romance than you'll love Night Walker! I promise you, you will not be disappointed!