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Addicted (Mischief Books) - Charlotte Stein

I am so in love with this book right now! Charlotte Stein is a master at writing erotic romance. Just like other Charlotte Stein books I soaked up every word she wrote in Addicted. This is a great story about sexual exploration and awakening for our heroine Kit. I also think this book is about trust between Kit & Dillon. Kit is a shy, quiet, witty, maybe even a little socially awkward woman who's also happens to be a librarian. Then comes along Dillon Holt *sigh*. He's a wicked hot laid back guy with tattoo's who loves sex. Here's one (or 2) of my favorite Dillon quote's from the book: 

"No, baby. It gets me off to see you not knowing a single damed thing about yourself, and getting to be the guy who makes sure you learn. Because I am that guy, I promise you that..." *holy fucking swoon* 

"I'll say it right now - I love eating pussy. I could eat it all day everyday until the end of time, just to get a girl all flushed the way she gets, and hear those little soft, desperate moans or maybe even loud, aggressive ones...I don't mind. Pull my hair, call me names, sit on my face, I'll take it and come back for more..." *fans self* HOT right! 

Charlotte Stein has a way of writing sex so it's not just a quick fuck or a wham bam thank you mam type of thing. She really thinks about the type of characters she's writing and puts feelings and realism into them and the relationships they have. 

I've never ever been disappointed in a book Charlotte Stein has written. I could go on forever about how amazing this book is but, I won't. I'll just say that I think everyone should read Addicted. It's such a thoughtful well written book and I know you'll love it!