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So this book wasn't that bad. It wasn't really what I was expecting either. Honestly, I thought this was going to be kinda smutty but, it totally wasn't and thats ok. I was surprised how good it was & how much I enjoyed it. It was humorous, sweet, light, and pretty well written. It was also a quick book to read. 

Kelli Pinkins is an 18 year old trust fund girl. She lives at home in her huge house, in a conservative Christian town, where perception is everything. She also has an unusual Friday night job. Kelli is the alibi for the kids in town if they want to go out with their girlfriends/boyfriends that aren't "Sundale"approved. So Kelli spends her Friday nights in her bedroom playing Xbox online with a guy, while everyone else is out having a good time. That is until her bff Sadie convinces her to go out 1 Friday night while she's 'working'. Afraid of being caught while out, she sneaks around the bowling alley that Sadie dragged her to. While she's trying to be inconspicuous she bumps into this guy who tries to pick her up with a lame pick up line. Kelli walks off on him seeing right through his bs, but right before he does he writes his name & number on her arm in sharpie. Sadie, being the friend that she is knows that Kelli & Chase are meant to have an 'epic romance' starts to bring Chase around so that Kelli can see that they belong together. 

The banter between Chase & Kelli is pretty funny & they play this flirtatious game of pranking one another. I also liked how their relationship progressed. For the ages they're at it worked well for them and for the most part was realistic. Kelli has these walls built up because she doesn't think she's wanted by her parent & she thinks that people only want to use her as an alibi instead of being her real friend. She desperately craves attention from her parents who are always away & they give her large sums of money as a way of making it up to her. That's why its hard for her to accept her feelings for Chase. Chase see's through her walls and is patient with her for when she finally comes around. 

I can say there wasn't a whole lot of depth to these 2 & they were a little one dimensional. We really didn't see that much into Chase and what was going on with him. There were bits & pieces about his life and a little blurb about a tragedy that happened & it was mentioned at the tail end of the book. I would've liked it if the author went into a little more detail into that. Also, the book abruptly ended. It was like the author ended the book in the middle of a paragraph that she didn't finish. Overall, this wasn't a bad read. If you're looking for something, sweet, funny, light & quick, than this book is it. 

*thanks to netgalley & Random House Flirt for the arc*