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The Love Deception is one of those books that's a quick read. This book was really cute and sweet. I loved the heroine Felicity and the hero Damon. They had some undeniable chemistry! 

Felicity wakes up after a night out with her friends in a strangers house. She doesn't remember what happened or if anything happened. She tries sneaking out of the strangers house undetected which doesn't go over to well. Hot stranger guy stops her at the door offers her a coffee then money. Serena takes that the wrong way and thinks the guy is offering her money b/c she thinks he's thinking that she's a prostitute. Fast forward a few days later and Serena is going to a law firm to interview for a job. When she goes into the interview 1 of the 3 men interviewing her is not only the stranger she bolted from but he's also one of the partners at the law firm she wants to work at. 

Felicity isn't your typical heroine. She's wicked smart, determined, loyal, she goes after what she wants & she gets things done. 

Damon is a single father, top partner at the law firm he runs, & wicked hot. He also judges Serena from that 1 night she was at his house. It doesn't matter that she's totally qualified to work for him & determined to prove herself on this 1 criminal case that happens to be extremely important to her. Why is this case important to her? Hmm...you'll just have to read to find out!

This book was sexy without there actually being any sex. There was a lot of UST though! Which really worked in the favor of Felicity & Damon. I loved the storyline, the secondary characters, and I loved how everything played out. My only complaint is that I wish there was more to the ending.