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Suddenly Beautiful (Entangled Covet) - Boone Brux

Hmm...I was meh on this book I really don't know what to say. Suddenly Beautiful is loosely based on Greek mythology. When I say loosely I mean the characters are children of Greek gods. We have the demigod Tor who's the son of Aphrodite & he's the CEO of a major cosmetic company. All be cares about is work and not much else. Then we have his assistant of 6 yrs Nikki who's the daughter of Ares. Except she doesn't know that she's a demigod or that Ares is her father. Nikki is in love with Tor & it isn't until Tor is 'roofied' on ambrosia by another employee while at dinner that Nikki & Tor hook up. They have a night of sex & while drugged up Tor realizes that he's into Nikki.

I just couldn't get into this book which sucks because I wanted to really like it. In my opinion, it might've been better if you left the Greek mythology part out of it. Especially where it wasn't that deep into the mythology. I also found that Nikki & Tor's relationship was kinda boring & that the storyline was really blah. It also felt like the secondary characters where just there as filler. They really provided no substance to the story. But, it seems like I'm the only one who didn't love this story so you may like it or you may not.

*thanks to netgalley & entangled publishing*