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If you've read my reviews on the previous 2 books of this novella trilogy, then you'd know I loathe Kasie & Robert Dade. They didn't get any better in this book either. That changed when I was about 70/75% into the book. I struggled with wanting to even finish the book because of stupid shit they were doing. The whole bar scene that Dade planned out was ridiculous & awkward. Honestly, if I was Kasie & found out the truth about that scene Dade wouldn't have any balls left! It wasn't till about the last 25% of the book that Kasie started to redeem herself. She had her 'aha' moment & she stopped acting entitled & owned up to her mistakes. She started her path of self discovery without anyone controlling her. She started to live her life not the life anyone else wanted her to live. Dade even redeemed himself at the very, very end. He righted some wrongs and he even had his moment of redemption with Kasie. With all that said, they're still not my favorite couple but, I ended up liking them (mostly Kasie) a teeny, tiny, smidgen more.