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Fancy Free - Shelley Munro

After reading the synopsis of the book I thought it would be steamy with this hot hero with a heroine that would be likable. Sadly I found the hero James who was a lothario to be just meh & the heroine Alice, well there was so much I didn't like about her it's borderline ridiculous. 

Alice is a conservative girl that inherits her godmothers condom company called Fancy Free. Except there's a stipulation, she has to stay with the company for 6 months before she actually receives her inheritance. She freaks out a little because she knows nothing about the condom business & she's not experienced in the sex department. In fact she was so naive (almost stupid) about sex it was weird & embarrassing. As Alice likes to say she's an "almost virgin". She decides to stay with the company because she wants her full inheritance and with that her boyfriend "that she's practically engaged" (that was mentioned a few times in the book) to leaves her. Which now brings us to James the manager of Fancy Free Condoms. James is a notorious playboy with a reputation of getting around and he's somehow attracted to Alice. Long story short Alice & James have to test the new condoms for the company. With Alice & James as the guinea pigs for the condoms needless to say it opens up Alice's sexuality.

There were so many ridiculous things going on in this book it was almost laughable & the sex was anything but steamy. It was weird, awkward, boring & at times peculiar. There were times I cringed at the sex between these 2. There was also this whole weird thing about a cult going on that was against the condom company. I mean it was just plain weird and creepy. 

This book just wasn't for me. I struggled with wanting to finish it. At times just to get through it faster I would skim pages, skip some of the narrative & just read what was in quotations.