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White Trash Beautiful  - Teresa Mummert

I don't even know where to start because I was so indiffrent about this book. White Trash Beautiful read as an outline for a book the author wanted to write. Which sucks because I really wanted to like this book. I didn't hate it but I also didn't like it. I felt like every chapter was repeat of the last. We have our heroine Cassie or Cass that work as a waitress at a diner across from the rundown trailer park that she lives in. She lives in the trailer with her drug addicted mother and abusive boyfriend. In the begining we're led to believe that she has this tough, I don't care, don't mess with me adittude, but that's laughable because the moment Tucker White walks into her life she cries all the time about how her life turned out. it got old & boring after reading about how much Cass' life sucked and how she was "white trash". That was literally what the whole book was about. Now, Tucker had potential to be a swoon worthy guy being all tatted up and being a somewhat rockstar. Sadly he was not though. I found him to be a bit of a pansy & I couldn't get into liking him at all. This book had potential to be really good but, it just didn't hit the mark.