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Where do I even begin......I really didn't like this book. I hated the heroine Kasie & the hero Mr. Robert Dade. I actually liked Dade in the very beginning of the book but, as the book went on I began to hate him too. They were both extremely selfish not caring who they hurt. Kasie didn't care that she was hurting her fiancée & Dade kept pushing Kasie to be with him not caring that she was with someone else.

Kasie Fitzgerald is in Vegas for the with her best friend Simone, who wants Kasie to have a 1 night stand with a stranger before she gets engaged to Dave, her boyfriend of 6 years. While at the blackjack table Kasie meets Mr. Dade where they proceed to go up to his suit for a night of not so hot fucking. Unfortunately for Kasie though, what happens in Vegas does not stay in Vegas because, the following Monday Dade hires her firm to help assist his company as it goes public. So of course Dade personally asks for Kasie to prepare his account.

Even though I didn't like Kasie, I found myself at times feeling bad for her. She's living a life she doesn't want to live. She's living the life Dave & her parents want her to live. I believe that while she loved Dave and feels safe & secure with him, she just really wants to live her own life. Although, she's going about it the wrong by having the affair with Dade.

After reading the blurb for this book I thought I was going to really love it. I'm a little disappointed in the whole thing. Of course I'm going to have to read the next 2 books because this one ended on a wicked cliffie.

*thanks to netgalley & simon & schuster*