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Faking It was ok. It was good enough to keep me reading in one sitting. And by one sitting I mean it only took me about 3 hours to read this book. I was a little disappointed that this book was just ok because it has potential to be really good.

The heroine Stephanie got on my nerves in this book. The more I got into the book the more I wanted someone to slap her. She was to proud & stubborn to take help from her very rich and handsome fake "fiancé" Derek, or from anyone in that matter. She threw tantrums when anyone, especially Derek would try to help or even just offered to help. Are we 4 here because only children throw tantrums not grown women who keep saying they want to 'make it on there own'.

I did like Derek and he's the only good thing I really liked in this book. He ended up falling for Stephanie and be had the means to help her and that was his way of showing he loved her. Even in the beginning when they became fake engaged he genuinely wanted to help her. Derek does have some daddy issues he needs to work out but, those issues weren't really that big of a deal in the book. Unless if Stephanie was mad at him & used it as ammunition. Which made her seem catty.

There was one lackluster sex scene in this book. I actually could've done without it because it didn't bring anything to the book at all. It felt forced and awkward. Like the storyline. I felt like the plot just kept repeating itself. Also, the way the whole fake engagement happened was just completely ridiculous.

This book just wasn't for me. That doesn't mean though it's not for someone else. It was a quick read if that's what you're looking for.

*thanks to netgalley & entangled publishing for the arc