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The overuse of the the saying 'I have/want/need/ to taste you' or 'I need to be in you' was a little ridiculous. Also, I wished the author would've used something other than a silver/grey tie. Use a scarf or something else that separate's this character from 'Fifty'. Ok, so with all that said the storyline was good & I really did enjoy reading this. We have our heroine Catherine 'Cat' Kelly who's recently moved to Chicago after a major tragedy in her life. She's a sought after food photographer, but used to be a photographer for professional surfers. Her best friend Beckett who's been living in Chicago is there to help her with her new start in life. While leaving a photography shoot at a high end restreraunt w/Beckett she bumps into a mystery man that makes her hot & bothered.


William Lambourne is a hot, billionaire foodie, who's a restreraunt investor (amongst other things), and what William wants William gets...including Cat. But, William also has his own demons that's he's dealing with.


If you can get past all the times & ways William tells Cat he wants to taste her, or wants to be in her then, there's actually a really good story line. I just wish there was more of it. Especially on Williams end. I did like the dynamic between William & Cat. The ending though was VERY abrupt & a MAJOR cliffie! So, the next book needs to come out because I need to know what happens!


*thanks to netgalley & Premier Digital Publishing for the arc*