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This book was a lot like the first book in the series for me. Just ok. I found it lacking in the plot and would skim over parts just to finish it sooner. This book in the series is about a mafioso MMA fighter who never fights in the book. His name is Romeo and he falls in love with Juliet. Seriously, the author couldn't think of a better Italian name? I see what she was trying to do but come on! Romeo also has 2 brothers named...ready for this...Casanova or Nova & Valentino or Tino. REALLY! *add sarcastic eye roll here* And some of the italian slang she was using was out of context. (I know that bc I'm Sicilian & speak italian & know my italian slang) If you're going to write a Mafia/MMA book than make it good and gripping. There was some hot sex between Romeo & Juliet but (I can't believe I'm saying this) there could've been less bc I would skip over some of it. THere was a shower sex scene and they didn't use protection so, Juliet who's about 34 thought she could wash Romeo's cum out of her! Juliet, for such an accomplished, smart woman should know that YOU CAN'T WASH CUM OUT OF YOURSELF ONCE A GUY BLOWS HIS LOAD IN YOU!


I really wanted to love this book bc I have a thing for mafia boys and I love the MMA. I do have to say I do like the characters in this series. The men are hot and its nice to see some strong females that aren't dumb! I most likely will read the next book in the series only bc I like Wyatt and want to see what happens to him!